The Begining (sort of).

So I decided to start a blog, it’s not that I don’t love you all and enjoy boring each and every one of you with the stories of my travels but I figured it would be slightly easier if I wrote a post every now and then to give you a general update on my whereabouts! Alas my whereabouts right now is boring old England, and this is the reason I’ve had the time and boredom level to start le bloggy wog! This is more than slightly a retarded way of doing this after traveling for 16 months and now deciding to blog about it. But now I figures that I’ve got the time to set it up, maybe I’ll stick to it whilst on my next lot of travels, wherever they may be …I’m considering a Kilimanjaro climb, safari in Tanzania and then Uganda to meet some friendly (hopefully) gorillas as the starting point at the moment, possibly followed by south east Asia, that is if the delightful Mr.Hartrey & Mr.Roberts get their act together and come meet me out there!